Our Tutors

Name – Philip Herron (Business Owner / Lead Tutor)

Specialism – Maths Key Stage 3 & 4 / A level

Experience – 15 yrs teaching in school, college and university / 10 yrs Private Tutor

Comment – I love my subject and feel my enthusiasm and passion inspires students to “want” to succeed. I have a proven track record of turning projected ‘fails’ into ‘passes’ #mathsiseasy

Name – Andrew Mutch

Specialism – Maths Key Stage 3 & 4 / A Level

Experience – 7 yrs Private Tutor

Comment – During the past 7 years, Andrew has established himself as the Top Marks ‘go to’ mathematician as well as becoming our lead ‘A’ level tutor. There is nothing he doesn’t know about maths!

Name – Martyn Gowland

Specialism – Maths Key Stage 3 & 4 / A Level Tutor

Experience – 5 yrs in mainstream education / 2 yrs Private Tutor.

Comment – Martyn is a straight A student (GCSE & A Level) as well as a Queens’ College (Cambridge) graduate. Not only academically outstanding, but also able to communicate complicated concepts extremely effectively.

Name – Patricia Dillon

Specialism – English (Key Stage 2/3/4) / A level Tutor

Experience – 25 yrs in mainstream education / 5 yrs Private Tutor.

Comment – Pat is passionate about English and expert in Key Stage 3 and 4  and ‘A’ level delivery, with extensive knowledge of all exam boards / texts.

Name – Rob Cottam

Specialism – Science / Maths

Experience – 10 yrs mainstream education / 5 yrs as a Private Tutor.

Comment – Rob is a skilled scientist, with a specialism in Physics but experience of teaching all 3 subjects at GCSE level. He is also qualified and experienced teaching maths across Key Stages 3 and 4.

Name – Janet 

Specialism – GCSE Science (Biology Specialist at A level)

Experience – 10 yrs mainstream secondary education / 5 yrs Private Tutor

Comment – a very popular Science teacher! Always fully prepared and equipped with a variety of resources and materials. Highly competent in all sciences / range of exam board and qualifications at GCSE level and Biology A level.

Name – Jane Smith

Specialism – Primary Education / Early Years Practitioner

Experience – 10 yrs Primary education

Comment – the range of resources and teaching & learning strategies used are phenomenal. Jane keeps her students busy, engaged and motivated.

Name – Harvey Summers

Specialism – English GCSE / A level

Experience – 15 yrs mainstream education / 5 years Private Tutor / Exam Moderator

Comment – Harvey is expert in teaching and training his students in the art of ‘winning marks in exams’ 

Name – Sandy

Specialism – English / Dyslexia (BDA Registered)

Experience – 15 yrs mainstream education / 10 yrs Private Tutor

Comment – Sandy is passionate about working and helping students with Dyslexia. She is able to use her skills and experience to ensure all students reach their full potential, while supporting those with specific needs who can sometimes be missed out in the classroom

Name – Paul Coney

Specialism – Maths (Key Stage 3 & 4)

Experience – 9 yrs mainstream education / 1 yr Private Tutor

Comment – With a number of years classroom experience, Paul has developed a reputation of over achievement with his students, securing those near to the ‘pass’ grade.

Name – Sarah Hughes

Specialism – Maths & English (Key Stage 1 & 2)

Experience – NQT

Comment – Sarah has proven to be a very popular Primary tutor and has worked at Top Marks during teaching qualifications. She brings new ideas and concepts from her course, as well as ‘fresh’ outlook on teaching.